On whit Monday, every hour, a Flemish artist, live on Radio 2

224b4bc04feebecd8fd4b3aaafed76cd - On whit Monday, every hour, a Flemish artist, live on Radio 2

After the very successful editions of the Best of Neighbors, “house concerts” in which the Flemish artists, from their living room, to the best of abilities, turn on Radio 2 is a next step in the livebeleving of the artists in the us. On whitsun Monday 1 June to make a Radio 2 in each venue for the best of the Flemish artists in the past. From 9: 00 to 16: 00 to play, each with a different artist, one of her biggest hits live on the radio. Listeners and fans who follow along with the Radio, 2 of the app to get, there is yet an additional livenummer on top of it. The Bene-Bene-on sessions to play Radio 2 to continue the success of the additional experience, that is, through the ‘take a look’feature on the app will be offered to you. More and more listeners are finding their way on to the Radio 2 app (which has more than 330.000 times it was downloaded), and have enjoyed all of the extra concerts, and comedy, as well as exclusive interviews, Radio, 2 Tuindag, the muziekstream Radio 2 Legs mind you, with only the music in the us, and much, much more.
No less a person than john Smith, Cleymans & Van Geel, Laura, Lynn, Mom’s Jacket, and Metejoor, Ozark Henry, The Starlings play on Monday the 1st of June, each with a short live session for Radio 2 And Indeed, of all places.

The Bene-Bene-on sessions will all take place in the studio, They are the VRT, which is where the artists perform in the best acoustic conditions, and live perfectly up to their expectations. Look, may, Monday, from 9: 30 a.m. on the Radio 2 app is available for download on smartphones or via the mobile