Kim Feenstra is expecting first child

45a3aa54c31d20f30fd420ce97d6ff3f - Kim Feenstra is expecting first child

Kim Feenstra is expecting first child

The 27 of may, 2020 19:49
27-05-20 at 19:49
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Updated: 11 minutes ago


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Kim Feenstra is pregnant with her first child. The model will share a video on Instagram in which she’s in the news is announced.

In the video, especially the footage of Feenstra and her friend Stanley, the Tailor. At the end of the video, you can see it’s a 34-year-old model in for an ultrasound at the hospital. The ultrasound, including the heartbeat of the baby, you have to see it and hear it.

In the text accompanying the video, thanks for Ribes in the past for the lessons and the love. She also has a focus on the present, as thanks for the blessings from above. She hopes that her love, We will only grow stronger and deeper and will in the future.