James Blunt, on the 16th of april, in the Lotto Arena

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The British singer-songwriter James Blunt will be on Friday, april 16, 2021 at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, belgium. A former army officer, who, in 2005, a monsterhit scored with a ‘You’re Beautiful’ and has now long been proven not to be a one-hit wonder. After a 23-million-selling albums, is Blunt in Antwerp, his final album, ” Once Upon A Mind to imagine it.

For his sixth album, went to James Blunt, back to basics, and what, to him, in 2005, to star status catapulted: how to write bloedeerlijk and store all of the songs with a rich sound. This is the album of my life, “he says on” Once Upon A Mind”. Never before was he so emotionally involved, he adds the album to his ailing father. “When you realize that your parents are not immortal, and you’re like father, you see, and the cycle of life is suddenly very, very clear.’ 10 months worked with Blunt on the album in studios in London, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and Nashville, tn. His obsession with details is still a remnant of his legertijd ) drove his team into despair. But for James, it is all worth it. I love the results. This one really means something to me.”