Herman Verbruggen is on your voicemail? Or rather, Geena Lisa?

f657ed5f97400980570dea14dec71875 - Herman Verbruggen is on your voicemail? Or rather, Geena Lisa?

The a new initiative has been launched. You will receive a personalized video message from your favourite artist, or get one gift for one year old, is a great-grandmother, or someone who has a heart, too deserving. Maybe you want a message from your idol that you have in your voice mail you can post. Here’s your chance. You will not only be a great video, you are supporting the artist and to the charity that the artist chooses to be in the eventsector. Artists such as Herman Verbruggen (Markske from the F. C. C. The Champions), Geena Lisa, … do it right now!

“I have been eventsector is on “hold” and gets punches by the coronacrisis. Aid from the government, there are no, or hardly any, and morning concerts, and events to organize, there is also not an option. We are a creative industry that is full of ideas,” says Kevin Van der Straeten of, founder of the Artists for the Event. “Presenters, actors, singers, musicians, and dj’s are the face of our industry. They can be located in the center of the stage and all eyes are on them. Behind them, however, is an entire industry that set the stage building, makes for a light and sound), in the event you are organizing, with a great location at their disposal, and so on.”

“With this campaign, we support the artists, and the eventbedrijven. The invoiced amount, pay the artist for his work, and to support a good cause at the eventsector he chooses. A small part of it to cover the transaction, and the campaign spends. We will send you this powerful, positive message to the decision-makers. As a society, we want to be in the future, some great new events and the performers, and the support and perspective is needed,” says Kevin Van der Straeten.