“Dutch” in Mainz, leads to Union Berlin in the kelderkraker

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“Dutch” in Mainz, leads to Union Berlin in the kelderkraker

May 27, 2020 18:13
27-05-20 at 18:13
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Good evening, and welcome to this liveblog! Our names are Jeroen van Barneveld and Youri Kocken, and we’ll keep you up to date on the operations of the Club.


  • Augsburg-Paderborn 0-0
  • The Düsseldorf-Schalke 0-0
  • Hoffenheim-Koln 1-0
  • Union Berlin-Mainz 0-1

RB Leipzig-Hertha 2-2in the Bundesliga · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden22′ FOX Sports may very well be stadiongeluiden have been added for Fortuna Düsseldorf-Schalke 04 you need to be a huge devotee, or a loyal fan of one of the two teams have to be intrigued to continue watching. The teams will have to play the ball, still there is around.Club · 12 minutes ago there are13′ GOAL in FSV Mainz’s! From 0 to 1

The Ditch from the Jean-Paul Boëtius, Jeffrey Bruma, you can quickly get a competitive edge in the kelderkraker against Union Berlin. Bote are Responsible for placing the ball into the bottom left hand corner after a cross from the left by Leandro Looking for.Club · 13 minutes agoan 11′ GOAL to Hoffenheim! 1-0

Finally, coach Alfred Schreuder, a cause for celebration, as his Hoffenheim the lead to 1. FC Köln thanks to a goal scored by Christoph Baumgartner. The midfielder finish off a flowing attack with multiple disks, ” cold-blooded off.The 13-minute geledenBundesliga · 13 hours ago

Hoffenheim coach Alfred Schreuder will be running here and relax before the start of the game at 1. For FC Koln, but after the whistle he’s been busy, to gestures on the side. Perhaps this is not surprising, because in the Barneveld have been waiting for a while for a start.Club · 20 minutes to geleden4 Jean-Paul Boëtius is offered for the first shot of the game at Union Berlin, Mainz, but of the effort of the throw of the Dutchman is over.Club · 25 minutes ago, theKick-off! We don’t have to wait too long to get the ball back rolling, because we’re going to get started right away with the following four games:

  • FC-Augsburg-SC-Paderborn
  • The Fortuna Düsseldorf-Schalke 04
  • 1899 Hoffenheim-1. FC Köln
  • FC Union Berlin-FSV Mainz 05

Club · 26 minutes ago

The titelrace in the Season, it seems as good as decided in the favour of Bayern Munich after the draw between RB Leipzig will be against Hertha BSC.

Being in the top 5:

  1. Bayern Munich, 28-64 (81-28)
  2. Borussia Dortmund, 28-57 (74-34)
  3. RB Leipzig) 28-55 (70-29)
  4. Borussia Mönchengladbach, 28-53 (53-34)
  5. Bayer Leverkusen 28-53 (53-36)

Club · 29 minutes ago

RB Leipzig, running, second place, mass, by a draw
RB Leipzig have not been able to get on, to climb up to second place in the Bundesliga. The team’s coach, Julian Nagelsmann filling in for the lead in the lead against Hertha BSC and will have to settle for a draw: 2-2. RB Leipzig will fix it in the first instance, is still lagging behind, but the red card for Marcel Halstenberg in the 1-to-1 in a blow to the process. By geblunder of the Hertha goalkeeper Jarstein comes to RB Leipzig, on a 2-1-lead, but an entire penalty by Piatek wrote Hertha still has a point.The 29-minute geledenBundesliga · 36 minutes and geleden86′ Javairô Dilrosun, just ten minutes ago it fall in to Hertha BSC, then shake some passeerbewegingen from the hip, and it seems to make sense to have it. Provide Hertha BSC might be a thrill of victory at Leipzig?Season · in 37 minutes, geledenOm from 20: 30 to go in the other four games this evening from the start. The number of options, the players are now in the process of re-warm-up.

Our Jung kommen raus to the warm-up! 👋 Which Übertragung von läuft! Schaltet ein! 📻 #FCUM05 #05ERfm


Author1. FSV Mainz 05Moment of plaatsen20:03 – may 27th, 2020Bundesliga · 41 minutes ago,81′ GOAL to Hertha BSC! 2-2

Will RB Leipzig is, however, still points to spare at Hertha BSC? It looks like it. Krzysztof Piatek is allowed to build up for the penalty kick and sends off the goalkeeper and RB Leipzig is in the wrong corner. RB Leipzig seems to be in addition to the second place in the Bundesliga action.Club · 44 minutes ago

The congratulations should really go to the Hertha goalkeeper Rune Jarstein, but the players of RB Leipzig in search of however, team-mate Patrik Schick on his 2-1 at Hertha BSC. The Church will receive the one in his name, in spite of the gegrabbel by Jarstein.Season-four-hour geledenDe images of the fiddling of the champions league for Hertha BSC, the 2-1 RB Leipzig in evidence.


😅 | Right after that Hertha with a man, the more is to create a goalkeeper, Rune Jarstein, this unfortunate mistake..


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen20:05 am – may 27, 2020één hours geledenBundesliga-four hours ago,68′ GOAL for RB Leipzig! 2-1

With this goal, the outlines of it, but then, it’s not because of a shot by Patrik Schick. Hertha BSC’s goalkeeper Rune Jarstein seems to be lying with the ball in his hands, but he’s on tap for the games against his face, and then rolling the leather over the goal line. Which is a mistake. RB Leipzig-results, with ten men, still at Hertha BSC.Season-four-hour geleden66′ RB Leipzig-year-old Julian, who is Nagelsmann engages, directly after the red card for Marcel Halstenberg. He takes Angeliño, last season’s player LOOKS on the field.Season-four-hour geleden63′ Red card! Marcel Halstenberg and forget for a moment that he already had a card with them at all times, and puts on a delightful slide it in, which gave him his second yellow card of the evening for the cost. And, therefore, the full-inrukken. RB Leipzig have ten people on the hunt for a title.Season-four-hour geleden57′ Javairô Dilrosun will be in the dug-out instructions in the assistant to the Hertha, and it seems as if a sight of the visitors. It may be the convenient, the attacker may break through the impasse?Season-four-hour geleden54 Also the soccer ball might be in for a coronatijdperk are up to no good, and that it has no effect on the guys really, from the coaches to the arbitration. Bruno Labbadia, coach of Hertha BSC, it goes all the way around the bend, after an arbitrator Dankert, a throw-in is to assign it to Red Bull Leipzig. It seems he is now literally crying out in the wilderness.the one-hour geledenBundesliga one day ago

Boëtius and Bruma are in the base, in Georgia, in kelderkraker
Jean-Paul Boëtius and Jeffrey Bruma may be a little wet at the hands and rub in to the Ditch. The couple starts on the basis of the number fifteen of the Season for the thuisduel with Union Berlin, to the number of thirteen on the list. The ditch is now only three points above the red line, and after the veegpartij against RB Leipzig (0-5) would be a bonus to use it. Jeremiah St. Fair, which will be against RB Leipzig, with a faint turn, is made, not with the clash.

Preparation Of Mainz: Müller; Hack, Bruma, Niakhaté; Baku, Expertise, Looking, Boëtius; Awoniyi, Mateta, Quaison.Bundesliga-four hours ago, toKick-off! Get the ball rolling in Leipzig for the second half of the RB Leipzig-Hertha BSC. Delivers the cost of the party is yet to have a winner in them?Season one an hour ago

Not only is it at the highest level, but also in the Second Season are tonight’s matches are on the program. These are the recline positions on three of these:

  • VfL Bochum (Germany)-Kiel 0-0
  • Hannover 96-Karlsruher SC 0-0
  • St. Pauli-Heidenheim 0-0

Club · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! It is quiet, in Leipzig-and that might be a good thing for the coaches of RB Leipzig and Hertha BSC. Both of these teams, and in particular, RB Leipzig, the little pots will break, and grossieren in losing the ball. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the two goals scored fell from a corner kick by Marko Grujić (Hertha BSC) and Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig). For example, the intermediate 1-to-1.Club · 2 hours of geleden41, ” There is, finally, a moment of the excitement. Vedad Ibisevic will be a free schietkans, after a smooth attack on the right wing, but the legend of Hertha BSC, cuts the ball hard across the goal from the home team. RB Leipzig will not convince you.A 2-hour geledenBundesliga · a 2-hour geleden39 Both teams seem to be in the corner, and as the only weapon to have as the other speldenprikjes are not yet distributed in Pharmacies. Now the brushes, with the Belgian Dedryck Boyata, on behalf of Hertha HSC is a cornertrap, but his header lacks direction.Club · 2 hours of geleden37′ RB Leipzig) wins a free kick in a great spot, about 25 yards from goal for Hertha BSC, but, as a man in the wall to prevent a shot on goal from Sabitzer.Club · 2 hours ago

The 1-to-1 from Lukas Klostermann is in the works as well. Off a corner kick and blasts it to the centrumverdediger of RB Leipzig, the ball hard into the far corner. Since then, save for the home team and the clock in the Red Bull Arena.Club · 2 hours ago –24′ GOAL for RB Leipzig! 1-to-1

The corners show, as yet, the tie-in to the Red Bull Arena. Now, it is the other way round. Lukas Klostermann selling on behalf of RB Leipzig’s beautiful inside, in the far corner. The balance is again in equilibrium.Club · 2 hours ago

The players of RB Leipzig are as petrified as Marko Grujic on Hertha BSC, a corner kick, the ball is in the goal is going to fail.Club · 2 hours ago

This is the bleak setting for the RB Leipzig-Hertha BSC. Normally the crowd, almost to 42,000 crazy fans in the stands at Red Bull Arena, but in the coronatijdperk, nothing is normal any more.Club · 2 hours ago there isa 9′ GOAL, Hertha BSC! From 0 to 1

What’s going on right now at the Red Bull Arena? Out of nowhere comes Hertha the lead. Marko Grujic sticks out as good as it gets its feet off at the first corner for the visitors, and the ball is going to fail in it. RB Leipzig is in the chase.Club · 2 hours of geleden7 ” This will be a familiar sight at the Red Bull Arena. RB Leipzig are playing the ball around in the half of Hertha BSC and searching patiently for a hole-in-the wall in Berlin. Konrad-This looks to have some space for a shot, but it is an easy prey for the goalkeeper Jarstein.Club · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball will roll into Red Bull Arena. RB Leipzig-Hertha BSC started.Club · 2 hours of geledenDe players are dribbling, one-for-one in the field and in the impressive Red Bull Arena. After a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the corona virus is going to get the ball rolling in Leipzig.Club · 2 hours ago

Timo Werner is the undisputed eye-catcher of the RB Leizpig. The 24-year-old midfielder, blessed with a powerful sprint, and with a sharp mind, with 24 goals in 27 matches, making his best season ever. The topscorerslijst it still has to be Robert Lewandowski (27 goals) for themselves, to tolerate it, but that it is prevented from a number of clubs there are, reportedly, not in a rush to throw out to the German international. It could be that Liverpool, Bayern Munich are interested in.Season · 3 hours ago

Julian Nagelsmann, the coach of RB Leipzig, for example, is always a relaxed impression in front of the camera. There is a reason for that, because, under the leadership of the 32-year-old coach was suffering for RB Leipzig on the 25th of January of this year, the last defeat of the Season, when Eintracht Frankfurt (2-0).Season · 3 hours ago

Javairô Dilrosun is, as previously mentioned, once again, not in the first eleven at Hertha BSC. After the re-start of the Season earlier this month, and will fade as the 21-year-old winger away in the reserves. He has played in a grand total of seventeen minutes in the two games, as he was last year, he made his debut in the Dutch national team.Season · 3 hours ago

The players of the RB Leizpig, in the central part of Timo Werner, to inspect, even in the field at Red Bull Arena, and, of course, with the obligatory masks on.Season · 3 hours ago

Second place beckons for RB Leipzig
RB Leipzig may,, tonight, great to do business out of the way. If the team’s coach, Julian Nagelsmann win of Hertha BSC, the band from Leipzig, the second-place Borussia Dortmund, which yesterday lost to front-runner Bayern Munich (germany).

Being in the top 5:

  1. Bayern Munich, The 28-64 (81-28)
  2. Borussia Dortmund-28-57 (74-34)
  3. RB Leipzig-27-54 (68-27)
  4. Borussia Mönchengladbach, The 28-53 (53-34)
  5. Bayer Leverkusen’s 28-53 (53-36)

Season · 3 hours geledenHet the full programme for this evening in the Bundesliga are as follows:

  • 18.30: RB Leipzig-Hertha BSC
  • 20.30: FC Augsburg-SC Paderborn
  • 20.30: Fortuna Düsseldorf-Schalke 04
  • 20.30: 1899 Hoffenheim-1. FC Köln
  • 20.30: FC Union Berlin-FSV Mainz 05

Season · 3 hours geledenBij Hertha have Javairô Dilrosun have to settle for a role as a wisselspeler and Karim Rekik due to a knee injury.


Don’t change a winning team! 💥👊
#RBLBSC #hahohe


AuteurHertha BSCMoment of plaatsen17:29 – may 27, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours geledenVanaf 18: 30 roll to the ball return in Germany to the match between the number three RB Leipzig and middenmoter Hertha BSC. These are the eleven names on the team.

1⃣1⃣ 🔴⚪️


AuteurRB LeipzigMoment of plaatsen17:42 am – may 27, 2020Back to top

Picture: Reuters


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