Telefacts (based on the race of the vaccine for the corona virus

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In the race for a vaccine against the Covid-19 are going on in full swing. Worldwide, as many as 120 of the candidate vaccine at the same time, has been developed. Even before that, as well, has been tested, there are millions of produced in order not to waste time. The battle for who’s the quickest way to make a vaccine that is able to deliver is a big business, involving billions up for grabs.

In a special edition of Telefacts., Wednesday, may 27, at 22u50, the race for the coveted vaccine is closely monitored. Telefacts managed to get to the behind-the-scenes of some of the developers to take a look. Curiously, many of these studies are to be conducted by a Belgian. Thus, investing in the Belgian multinational company, the owners of this site, at this moment, millions of people in the development of a vaccine. Development and production takes place in a quiet street. and Lead, and is being led by the Flemish Johan Van Hoof. At the University of Leuven, against the clock work on a vaccine. Telefacts talks with the Belgian designer Bruno Holthof, chief of the Oxford hospitals, where, for the time being, the furthest away would seem to be, and where they hope to have the vaccine, and all of the fall in the market.