No new pictures of The Buurtpolitie ” more

No new pictures of The Buurtpolitie " more

It’s official: there will be no new episodes of ” The Buurtpolitie it again. The staff of the scripted reality tv series reported that they are unemployed. Several people from the crew have a few months to find a new job, because this summer, on the set of ” The Buurtpolitie be expected. And then we also have camera operators, make-up, styling, you name it.

In the Day, All of them telling the director His is totally safe and that there will be no more new recordings, more to come. “Just to be clear, we don’t stop with The Buurtpolitie'”, you hear the sound of it. “We now have about 800 episodes to be available, that we have now, and then retransmit. And it is well to continue to do so. “The Buurtpolitie is an excellent performer for us and continues to be an absolute game in which we as a station are really proud,” said Parmentier. But he thinks that the cast is slightly different. Perhaps it will be the end of the summer, during the time of The Buurtpolitie of the new series, to be broadcast, it’s been a long time, the existence of a telenovelle. In the past, it was a telenovelle, often around the 18: 30 broadcast. The cast of “The Buurtpolitie’ fear is that their story is over. It is, without a doubt, be prosecuted.