Koen Wauters: “Out of each other’s shit’

Koen Wauters: "Out of each other's shit'

Koen Wauters and his wife Valerie were in the middle of January is known that after a marriage of 15 years broke up. In 15 Years of marriage, in a relationship of more than 17 hours, and two children, Zita and Nono. The news hit many people right in the face, while others had to see it coming, because there’s already something about She and Carl were written.

In Jones a Late-Night,’ said Carl, about how he was the one or the other of these coronatijden experience. “Phew, go is shit, lock this or not. I have, however, found out that I am quite on my own setbacks, I have to say. In the first instance, however, since you have a few good friends that you are really in charge, my brother, by the way, too. But the moment you have it or not, it’s just a shitperiode.”
Carl was at home with two young children, who are still in school or had to do. For the past few months, according to Zita and Nono of the distance-learning students really enjoyed it. “In the beginning I had to search, and then jumps to do so, and they can be the courses will not download. Both the Disaster as a Nono, have a quick repacked. I think it is amazing to see. Preteaching, as in my case), 14 and almost 16, and I can’t keep up with me. From time to time with the French and English languages, I can sometimes do it, but basicly have it all on my own, and I think that’s cute.”