Kato, by her father and left in the lurch

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Kato Callebaut, Tom Dice, as The Starlings, however, has just release their debut album was unleashed upon the Flemish people. “Don’t Look Back ‘ is already well received and the behind-the-sensitive-songs to hide and sometimes violent stories.

The song “Who I Become” is to ask the questions that Kato has about her biological father. “This song is about the fact that I had been with my biological daddy don’t know. He left my mother when I was very young, I think, less than a year old. I didn’t have any memory of him. I’ve never seen it, is well known. The question as to why he is gone, he has for years pursued,” bears witness to Kato at All.

Especially as a teenager, it was the Kato working on it. “You have to have certain characteristics, and you will never know a hundred percent sure where they came from. I’ve been using, but the conflict is located there.”

Along the way, Kato, the chapter is closed. At a certain point, the knob can be turned and has decided that it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. “You have to decide for yourself who you are,” said Kato, who has no need to know the identity of her biological father.