Dina Tersago away for FOUR

Dina Tersago away for FOUR

Dina Tersago shall no longer be Blindly Purchased, on the FOUR presentations. The oproepfilmpje for new candidates to be her last job for FOUR years old. Not that the channel was not satisfied with Dinah; on the contrary, her schedule for the VTM, is that Dina Tersago buttons had to be changes.

Dina Tersago, it will, after all, not only is it a new season, a Farmer Seeks. The woman – ” Home Sweet Home, for her to take, but it will be on the side of the Buurtpolitie actor, Andy Peelman, a new consumer programme on tv at present.

The creative director of His cottage pie to light up the new program in the Day for All of us: “Dina, it will be a series of folk comforts and truths by trial and error testing. As a starting point, was it, or if this is new?”

“How cheap the wine is, the more of a headache,’ says a proverb, but is it really? Dina Tersago is played as the leader for the ordinary consumer, says His is totally safe.