The VRT is investing in the Flemish corona-resistant, fiction

The VRT is investing in the Flemish corona-resistant, fiction

The Flemish audio-visual industry currently is very difficult due to the corona-crisis period. The VRT wants to be in the sector, and hence invests in a ‘covid-resistant, fiction, produced by Flemish production companies.

Due to the appointment actions are the recordings of many of the fictiereeksen all over the world still. Also, in Flanders, and the belgian, all kinds of recordings, on hold. However, One of the Flemish people, the coming period will be to continue to surprise you with the great fiction of our own ground: the like is, therefore, to look to the so-called “three covid-proof” mini-fictiereeksen of each of the four episodes are about 25 to 30 minutes. One will want to work with the Flanders collection. They will be out this autumn, and all three shows are in One. In a fourth series, which One of them is going to broadcast, it is ‘this Moment’. This strike of twelve directors, with the hands in the other. They will each have a stand-alone story with two characters, in the same setting.

The whole of the audiovisual sector – that is, of the directors over screenwriters, and klankmensen to schminksters – is groaning under the corona of crisis. It is not easy to come up with a fiction to deal with the current security measures, and if there is one and a half meters, the distance between the actors has to be kept. It is also unclear as to what turned you will be able to be without such measures. On the other hand, it shows that the Flemish manufacturing industry is located in these coronas-time on the creative side of it. When One came right away a number of proposals for fictiereeksen with the story, and the way we work is tailored to the current of corona-measures. That creativity is what inspired One to get on the end of the year, with four mini-fictiereeksen to the program.
The investment in covid-resistant, fiction wants to be One gripping and thrilling fiction to create a short period of time, and in accordance with the present corona-measures that can be done. This will help the network to focus on stories that are not around the corona, a rotating, and therefore, timeless. So the VRT in a sector, to continue to support it at this time is very difficult, but it is extremely important for the future of the audio-visual productions in the region.

Olivier, Goris, network manager First, “Fiction, is, without a doubt, the genre that was most affected by the corona-crisis period. The whole of the manufacturing industry is looking for ways to make a safe and secure way to listen to it. This is how we are with One of all of the tests with a ‘home away from Home’ and the ‘Thirty-somethings’, for these series to start with. However, we note that there are also a lot of the creativity is buzzing in the industry, ideas for new formats that are perfect to be run in accordance with the present measures. In addition, there will be no compromises, we want to be inadmissible fiction, to bring the tradition of the One, with a good story and strong actors, but it can be in these difficult times.”

One of the four minireeksen One is “Lock”, an idea by the directors: Gilles Coulier and Maarten Moerkerke. This moment is a co-production by the producing companies in The World, and Lecter is Scripted, the Media. The series tells of twelve self-contained stories with two characters, one on each side of the glass in the bezoekruimte of the prison to them but also to their world in the film.