Organizers, Crammerock, keep your chin up

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The organizers of the Crammerock, it promises to be Wednesday, June 3, great excitement is to be used. On that day, they hope to be able to come, or to their festival, and this year should continue or not. All the major events up to and including the 31st August which were previously cancelled. Crammerock is, however, on the 4th and 5th of september and may, so, I go on, or at least that’s their aim.

It is possible that the national security council, which is the measure on Wednesday, June 3, to extend. We had two months ago, it is expected that the virus, as long as it would survive, and so there is the possibility that the measure, after 1 september, even for a while of a place. However, it could also be that the larger events, of course, on the condition that certain measures have to be taken. Crammerock had, in 2019, no less than 35.000 visitors, don’t miss it. The organizers are aware that this year may be less and less people are able to receive. But if the festival is profitable it can be, but that is not the question. However, The Latest News, and talks to the organizer, 80% of the open-air, meanwhile, has been booked.