Hanna Verboom years ago, in a secretly married

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Hanna Verboom years ago, in a secretly married

25 may-2020 14:53
25-05-20 at 14:53
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Hanna Verboom has been a year ago, in a small group, secretly married to Ralf Roex. The star says on Instagram that she’s in the party, so this year, once again, wanted to re-do it with friends, but the celebrations will have to wait.

Verboom, and Roex were married on the 25th of may, 2019 with one another, and when the star is eight months pregnant. She gave birth to a month later, their daughter, Sarah. The film was made during the pregnancy, be sick, and was for some time uncertain as to whether she will be healthy again, it would be.

“We have always wanted a grand marriage with all your loved ones. But it was a very, very small and intimate, so close, before our little girl came along, because we felt that it was important,” says Verboom. “The day was magical, memorable, and in the garden with only the family and witnesses. We are celebrating love well into the night.”