Fakkeltheater to fit the programme to the

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The people of the Fakkeltheater look forward with excitement to the news conference after the national security council next week on Wednesday. “As soon as there is a view on an opening date, it will Fakkeltheater to be effective, the open door, taking in to account all of the measures that are being imposed on them. This means that we are in the first few months of not operating at full capacity, will be able to play it, there’s enough distance, it will need to be maintained, and that the hand and face protection is essential” said Sam in Turkey.

The people of the Fakkeltheater have already listened to the sighs of many visitors. For people who have chosen to take public transport, you had a problem, and after a scene with the train, at home, to get to the hotel. “As of september 1, 2020, all of the evening shows in the Fakkeltheater will start at 20: 00 (and, therefore, no longer be at 20: 30!). Due to this, a new one will come, we are able to meet the demands of many people, and to establish a connection with the public transport system is to assure”, just wait for Turkey to know it.