Stig Broeckx will never give up

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The former professional rider Stig Broeckx fought back after a heavy fall of 2016, and his rehabilitation has surprised the world. “The great thing about life is that you never know what the future will bring. To say, therefore, never, never, never,” says “the Stig” in Nina, the weekend supplement of het laatste Nieuws.

And that mentality was already there from an early age to Stig Broeckx. “When I was a small boy speech therapy to follow, I was so hard it threw me that I would be voordrachtwedstrijden won”, is found In his statement. Also, if wielerbelofte wanted to be Known for themselves to prove.

“I’m the one to stay with it. This mentality was at home spooned. I boerenafkomst. Feel like it or not, the cows had to be milked twice a day.”

Stig Broeckx will give in to Nina’s, then that character is to him, has saved you and me. “I had a heavy fall, survive, I have to give thanks to the medical profession. That, my recovery after the coma, all of the expectations, is to focus on my character and drive,” said Stig Broeckx.