Gilles Van Bouwel: “no, the beard makes me a 12′

8412536c9573db9a6f904b97d058b397 - Gilles Van Bouwel: "no, the beard makes me a 12'

Gilles Van Bouwel, has, thanks to The Moles and to The world’s Smartest Man is completely put on the map as well. Now the bold is the presenter of the Café and The Mole is his first book, a guide to mannenverzorging in English: “Man-ual: with the mannenverzorging”

In Nina, the weekend supplement of het laatste Nieuws, shows Gilles Van Bouwel, that he is a beard for ten years. “It’s been ten years since I had my chin again, I have to in the morning just to have my beard trimmed. Without the beard, am I like the twelve apostles, is a real melkmuil,” says Gilles, in the little Nina.