Frimout blows out Ten to See a new lease of life

4b14e9ecf110a8558688f782b358027f - Frimout blows out Ten to See a new lease of life

The coronacrisis is a musical of Flanders at home this summer, as all the concerts have been cancelled, and a lot of musicians sitting down with their hands in their hair. The band Frimout takes, therefore, the action for his peers and organize themselves in next week on Tuesday 26 may at 20: 30, an alternate “Ten to the See”. The program was given the so-called ” Quaran-Tien om te zien’.

Ten top artists from a variety of genres, from the Belgian music scene will be live and online, for a song to play in a muziektalkshow. The concept is super-easy. Through Facebook, and Youtubepagina of Frimout is streaming the lead by Stef Wilson out of his garage “apartment” Manhattan North”), a talk show, which he called the guests one after the other online for a chat and an acoustic version of one of their songs.

Willy Sommers is “”The godfather,” the original version of ‘Tien om te zien’. He is not to be missed, and it has an action attached. He will be an acoustic one of his biggest hits to play with. Also, Gene Thomas, was one of the highlights of the just ended season one of “Love for the music, it is the party with ‘Me and my guitar”. In addition, there are still two more artists to be guests on the stage and pulled at the Humo’s Rock Rally (Jan Campenaere by Venus in Flames), and Peter’s mother (of Five Days). Other artists who have the best we are going to continue are Being Ratiau (The Voice of Flanders), and Broncko), Amaryllis Temmerman and 2Romance. Joe Hardy, the muzieksensatie from the province of Limburg, around the time of the celebration off.