Fire-Matthew Simoni of two weeks in the hospital

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Matteo Simoni says in The Morning is about the worst experience of his life. It was five years ago, while on a tour of the theatre company FC Bergman. After the last show in Athens, the group will have a party on the street. One of the girls was breathing fire and wanted to Matteo Simoni, also known as a try. However, when things went wrong…

The attempt of Matteo Simoni succeeded, but the actor has found the flame was not big enough so he took an extra sip of gas. “But just at that moment it was the flame from the,” tells Matteo Simoni in The Future. With a mouth full of gasoline, asked the actor to be a cigarette lighter. “In the meantime, I have gas to breathe. I spit out a gigantic flame, but it started very hard to cough up.”