Don’t miss: Travel to the Waas in Japan

Don't miss: Travel to the Waas in Japan

As of Sunday, the 24th of may, the three Travel to the Waas: Japan. Waes pulled up at the beginning of this year and go to Japan for a special range of Travel for the Waas. The purpose of the unique culture and traditions of Japan, and to learn prior to the start of the Olympic Games. A trip of 3 weeks and over 4000 kilometers from south to north, and across the country as a whole.

Waes: “I had never been to Japan, and has been. However, it was for years, and it is on my list of priorities. Japan, as the islands were for centuries the isolation has on the rest of the world, and as a result has a very unique culture. A lot of Japanese in authentic use, are likely to disappear under the influence of the English-speaking world. With the arrival of the Olympic Games, and it’s a huge tourism boom to strengthen that only. I wanted to be, so it is still rapidly to Japan, the country, its unique nature might be permanently lost.”
In the meantime, a lot has changed in the world. Due to the corona virus, the Olympic Games will be postponed and the travel is for a period of time, not any more. All the more reason to have the three-part account of His trip through the fascinating, Japan is yet to be broadcast, and the viewers, to enjoy and make the most of their unique, and very diverse journey.