Cologne (Köln) and Düsseldorf, close the round with a tie

5fe17d3640ac9adba36d6391258b54a8 - Cologne (Köln) and Düsseldorf, close the round with a tie

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Cologne (Köln) and Düsseldorf, close the round with a tie

A 24-may-2020 13:00
24-05-20 13:00
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Good afternoon and welcome to our liveblog! We will keep you up to date on all of the matches in the Bundesliga today.

  • Results:
  • Schalke 04-FC Augsburg (germany) is 0 to 3
  • Georgia-RB Leipzig, 0-5
  • FC Köln-Fortuna Düsseldorf 2-2

Club · 8 minutes to geledenDe after-day in the Bundesliga:

  1. Play 27-61
  2. Dortmund, 27-57
  3. Leipzig, 27-54
  4. Would end up 27-53
  5. Mönchengladbach, 27-52
  6. Wolfsburg, 27-39
  7. Freiburg, 27-37
  8. Schalke 04 27-34
  9. Hoffenheim 27-36
  10. Hertha BSC 27-34
  11. FC cologne (Köln) 27-34
  12. Augsburg (germany) 27-30
  13. Union Berlin 27-30
  14. Frankfurt – 26-28
  15. Georgia 27-27
  16. Düsseldorf, 27-24
  17. Bremen, 26-21
  18. Rooms with balcony or terrace 27-18

Club · 16 hours ago

Over! FC Köln-Fortuna Düsseldorf and ends in 2-2. You can, especially the home team to win, not to be mean, since Luck was the better team, and led until the 88th minute, still 2-0. In a frantic final stage, won in the second half and there will still be a tip off.Club · about 21 minutes agoby 90+1′ GOAL for FC Cologne! 2-2

Incredible! FC Köln looked dead and buried, but the drag there is, by the ratio, and it can’t even be a point against FC Düsseldorf, germany. Cordoba is the headline of an announcement by Drexler in.Club · 23-ago –88′ GOAL for FC Cologne! 1-2

Anthony Modeste is the headline in the aansluitingstreffer on the inside. Drag it to FC Köln at the end, still just a point out of this?Season · in 32 minutes geleden79′ The cost of the FC Köln (cologne has about a quarter of an hour of time to do anything about the deficit (0 to 2) to do so. However, it seems now that the Fortuna Dusseldorf of the key points is going to deal with the fight against relegation.Club · 43 minutes ago

This is a key moment in the race. Mark Uth miss, on behalf of FC Köln in a free kick. A moment later, beats Fortuna Dusseldorf, on the other side: 0-2.Bundesliga-four hours ago,61′ GOAL in Fortuna Dusseldorf! 0 to 2

It had a 1-to-1 should be in there, but the ball is on the other side. Erik thommy on leads at 2-0. There was an FC Koln from the eleven-meter for the chance to be on the same level, but as Mark Uth was missing. After tonight, you changed your FC Koln a few times but it went disastrous from it. Kingsley Ehizibue it was one of the players that it needed to be done. The former player of PEC Zwolle’s league.Season-four-hour geledenFC Hall cross and the dragon, with the opening ten minutes, but ’03 to’. In the South the Germans have won today, 3-0, in Gelsenkirchen, germany.

Their plan: to 2020:


AuteurFC AugsburgMoment of plaatsen16:00 am – 24 may, 2020Bundesliga one day ago

46′ We are back on the road! In the second half of the FC Köln-Fortuna Düsseldorf have started.Bundesliga-four hours ago,41, and’ a GOAL in Fortuna Dusseldorf! From 0 to 1

Now, however, do not touch it for Kenan Karaman! The shot is active, so it is a Cologne goalkeeper Timo Horn won’t stand a chance.Club · 2 hours of geleden30, ” We have half an hour on the road, and there is still a lot to enjoy the FC Köln-Fortuna Düsseldorf, germany. Both teams have struggled to rebuild. There’s only one chance in the match for the visitors, Kenan Karaman, however, was Cologne goalkeeper Timo Horn in it’s path. It is still 0-0.Club · 2 hours of geleden15, ” here is the first-best Mark Uth (FC Köln). He is very controlled, but it may just not be very good on the ball. This is why they continue to not have the great opportunity to write it down.Club · 2 hours ago

For the FC Köln is still a person with a champion’s League history by Mark Uth. He was in the past-for sc Heerenveen and Heracles Almelo.Club · 2 hours ago

The Netherlands’ contribution will come in this match from the Kingsley Ehizibue. In the former the Young Dutch player, who is now in Nigeria to come out, to play FC Köln. He was playing up to last season, at PEC Zwolle.Club · 2 hours ago there is1 ” is to get The ball rolling at the RheinEnergieStadion! FC Köln-Fortuna Düsseldorf, which is also known as the “Rheinderby’, started.Club · 2 hours of geledenVoorafgaand of the game, a moment of silence for this week’s death of FC Cologne-the legend of Gerd Strack (64), that is, his entire career for the club to play with.Club · 2 hours of geledenFC cologne (Köln) has a moment that is right to be against Fortuna Dusseldorf. ‘Die Geißböcke’ are lost on the 3rd of november, 2-0 to the ‘Fortunen’.Season · 3 hours ago

We are preparing for the final game of the day: FC Köln-Fortuna Düsseldorf, germany. Both teams picked up last week for the resumption of the Bundesliga with a point. Last week, the degradatiekandidaat in Düsseldorf with a 1-1 draw against the number the last rooms with balcony or terrace. Middenmoter Stands came in a day later, does not go beyond a 2-2 against Mainz.Season · 3 hours geledenHet difference between Leipzig and Mainz, this was the season perfectly. Over the two games, is 13-0 for the Cookies.

❗️ | RB-Leipzig – Mainz 05 this season in two games: 13-0!


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen17:32 – may 24, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours ago

Over! The referee counts, there will be no extra time, and it is a 0-5 volt position, we need not. Leipzig is playing by the Ditch, and climbing up by the victory to the third place in the league table. With three ranges, it’s Timo Werner, once again, the big guy with Cookies. Yussuf Poulsen at the time and Marcel Sabitzer take care of the other one”.Season · 3 hours geledenTimo Fans will take a moment for the third time this season, with the matches to your home. The topspits scored his third hat-trick. One of the two hat-tricks, he scored already against Mainz.

The Third Hat-Trick …
… this is @Bundesliga_EN season for Timo #Fans 😎
#M05RBL (83.) A value of 0 to 5


AuteurRB LeipzigMoment of plaatsen17:12 – may 24, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours ago

About an hour of starting the last game of this Season Sunday for FC Köln-Fortuna Düsseldof. Here’s the line-ups:

Lineup, FC Köln: Horn; Ehzibue, Bornauw, Leistner, Katterbach; Skhiri, Hector; Kainz, Uth, Jacob; Patio.

Preparation Of Fortuna Düsseldorf: Kastenmeier; Zanka, Hoffmann, Giesselmann; Zimmermann, Stöger, Morales, Bodzek, Thommy On; Karaman, Skrzybski.Season · 3 hours ago,75′ GOAL in Leipzig! 0-5

And that’s three for Timo Werner! He will go on to indicate Poulsen flawless touch.Season · 3 hours ago

74′ Karim Onisiwo (pic) is a coach out of his misery. This Oztunal’s going to be in. Danny Latza’s going to be in for Edimilson Fernandes.Season · 3 hours geleden70 Again, a double-bill for a Revenue. Christopher Nkunku is leaving the field to Ademola Lookman. The young Austrian And the Wolf is replacing Kevin Kampl.Season · 3 hours geleden61′ as Well as a double bill with Night. It is the end of the match: Jean-Paul Boëtius, who is in the field for Taiwo Awoniyi. Leandro Looking for in Pierre’s Skill Malong.Season · 3 hours geleden59, ” A double-bill of exchange in Leipzig. Marcel Sabitzer is leaving the field to Tyler Adams. Dayot Upamecano is changed, before Willi Orban. The latter is coming back from a major injury.Season · 3 hours ago * View: click here to watch the fourth match of the Cookies.


👏 | It is slowly becoming a trainingspartijtje to look for RB Leipzig.
Timo Werner is the end of a beautiful attack.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen16:42 am – 24 may, 2020Bundesliga · 3 hours geleden53′ in The 0 to 4, from the age of fourteen doelpoging of Revenue. In comparison, Georgia has not a one-time shot.Season · 4 hours ago –48′ GOAL for Leipzig! 0 to 4

It’s just another touch to Leipzig in the second half. The team will cut with ease through the defence of the Ditch. Timo Werner signs with his second of the afternoon.Club · 4 hours of geleden46, ” We are seeing a change in the Night. Before Jeffrey Bruma is a duel, there is just a half of it. The attacker, Jean-Philippe, Mateta will replace him.Club · 4 hours of geleden46, ” The ball will roll back into the Ditch, the second half is on its way. It remains prijsschieten to Leipzig, or Ditch it in the next 45 minutes to give back?Season · 4 hours ago * View: click here to watch the third match of the Cookies. Marcel Sabitzer is the end.


🎯 | It’s a shooting gallery at Night. Marcel Sabitzer put the RB Leipzig after 36 minutes of play at 0-3.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen16:14 on may 24, 2020Bundesliga · 4 hours ago

Peace of mind! Leipzig is the lord and master of the Opel / vauxhall Arena, and is leading with 3-0, on a visit to Georgia. The team in the first half, from the beginning to the end of a lot of pressure and the poor team cannot handle it.Club · 4 hours of geleden45, ” It’s a miracle that it was still only 0 to 3 is. Now, Christopher Nkunku is a huge risk, but he will slide in next to it.Season · 4 hours ago

Mainz-year-old Achim Beierlorzer hope, of course, is that the team is not going back with a 8-0 won against Leipzig, but for the time being, it seems that there is a monsteruitslag it is. The team with 3-0 in the rear and it seems to be that it is not one of them, it will continue to be..Season · 4 hours ago,37′ GOAL for Leipzig! 0 to 3

Here, the goal is that for quite a while in the air. Marcel Sabitzer on the rebound, and ultimately, for Revenue. The roman look is still on even if it’s not an offside, but there was no doubt about it.Club · 4 hours of geleden33, ” There was 0 and 3 to it. Poulsen may be a close binnenschieten, but it is failing miserably. Georgia has nothing to talk about.Club · 4 hours of geleden31′ Bruma makes it an offence to Poulsen and receives the yellow card. Georgia is on all sides, overrun by the Revenue.Season · 4 hours ago –23′ GOAL in Leipzig! 0 to 2

Yussuf Poulsen, who will be 250e competition for the Leipzig plays, it doubles the profit margin for the visitors. The rush is totally free and it is the headline of a great ball in from Marcel Sabitzer in. This duel is already decided?Season · 4 hours ago * View: click here to see the opening goal of the Leipzig university at Night.


🔥 With a real spitsengoal place to Timo Werner, RB Leipzig is in the lead. The state is 0-1 after ten minutes.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen15:52 – may 24, 2020Bundesliga · 4 hours geleden18′, Leipzig is also in the Ditch, the parent is a party, which has been funded by early head start. The visitors climb to third place as they have three points to address.Season · 4 hours ago,11 and a GOAL for Leipzig! From 0 to 1

The visitors did not take long for the lead to come up. Timo Werner is to be found by a low cross from the right-hand side, and slide the ball into the box on the right into the far bottom corner.Club · 5-hour geleden4 Lively start to the game between Mainz and Leipzig. The two clubs are already in the penalty box of the opponent, but the real opportunities are, there would not have been.Club · 5 hours ago –1 of:’ We are on our way! The last meeting between Georgia and RB Leipzig, ended in a 8-0, the current number five of the Season. Take the home team is now in the world?Club · 5-hour geledenWe going to continue on with the final match of this Season-Sunday-Georgia-RB Leipzig!Club · 5 hours ago

Over! Schalke 04 will also be the home to no avail. FC Augsburg to win by 0-3 in the Season. For the visitors, taking advantage of the wrong festival in barcelona, which will also not be able to score a goal. Peter Loewen, and the raiders, Noah-Joel Sarenren-Bazee, and The Cordoba to do that for the Hall, however.Club · 5 minutes agoby 90+1′ GOAL in Augsburg (germany)! 0 to 3

And the worst is yet to come for Schalke 04 and the more beautiful for the visitors. Levent Mercan, take a pass, is very bad, the ball is put in, and as The Cordova is for the keeper to go in and score easily.Club · 5-hour geleden90 ” There will be three more minutes.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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