An Lemmens want to do more to fight against criminal and puppy mills

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The presenter An Lemmens was a Saturday to be told that there is a broodfokker a new batch of dogs was delivered, and slid it into the pen. A broodfokker in Boechout, it was around the afternoon handling sessions with a Hungarian number plate is detected. With a pack of puppies that will soon have a new owner could be found. Fast and gingn it. “After the discharge of all of the puppies, there was a half-hour later, the first customers are already out there. Since then it has been an up – and-afgerij of the lucky people with a super-cute puppies”, wrote a witness on Facebook. That is, that the dogs at the very young age at the time their mother had been snatched away, were buried in the new home may not be free of charge. “These women each and every year, at least 3 nests, give birth, and you will never see the light of day, only the concrete walls of the dirty stable … until they’re too old and it will be finished. However, their children, and the puppies are now happy with the current band: sick of it or not, it doesn’t matter. With the quarantine, it is not to be taken into account, only the money will be sold as a gadget, it is”, ” is the beyond.

An Lemmens is committed to over the last few years to get puppy mills banned. That is, people only think of the many, many dollars. After all these years, is not more control on the puppy mills, understands that An Lemmens does not. “With what happened in the past few weeks, all of which appeared about the risk of rabiësbesmetting, I would like to once again call for more and tighter controls on puppy mills, where every week camionettes are full of puppies and kittens to be supplied from the high-risk areas, without a valid vaccination”, she wrote on Facebook.