Aaron, in The Veene, from snow white, and the Home score by one and a half feet of my door

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In march, Aaron De Veene as a ‘Race’ to be seen in the popular Reality series, ” home away from Home’, and if the coronamaatregelen be beneficial to the evolution of sparkles, this autumn, is back in the building. In snow white, the musical “plays” the prince “in addition to Maureen Vanherberghen, and he is also working on a new version of “The Sound of Music”. Last year, he graduated, after a course of 4 years, with successful results in the musicalopleiding of the Brussels Conservatory of music. In June, won by Aaron, his qualifications, and in an interview with Bruzz in the context of the musicalsterren of the day, his enthusiasm and versatility are again to the fore: “When I was a little girl, I always have this scene. It begins in the living room for mom and dad, but later on, I had to schooltoneeltjes always be at the front or to the side of it was a bit too small. The real, then there was a meeting at the high school. When I found out that I’m not just acting like it, as much as it is to dance and sing. For me, there was never any other option.”

In anticipation of the musical productions will start again maintains the Aaron’s, The Veene, in this coronatijden of social media. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, he is also on the TikTok, where he, at an alarming rate to almost 7000 followers, charmeerde. And it continues to go well, because it is one of his latest TikToks is now close to 92,000 views. “It’s just incredible how often when I’m scrolling for the movie, with my voice, I’m come across in a way (laughs). I got the joke, not the think of it, but they do have a character of its own, and an interpretation is given, and which clearly refers to,” says Aaron, laughing. It’s not the first time that he has been so successful harvest. One of the first TikToks, which is a kinderstemmetje and a red lip to be seen, it has already had over 1.2 million views and an infinite number of, shared, and imitated. “In anticipation that we will be able to practice and play, I refer to it as a fun activity. As with many products, it’s best to wait until we’re back again and having to miss out on in the meantime, we are all on stage and in the audience.”
Or is ‘Race’ continue to receive in the Home? Well, who knows. It is in any case not died, so there are more possibilities.