Those who are kicking it in the last episode of the Lego Masters

64e085d7c1f2191c0db69b54dc6ff3fd - Those who are kicking it in the last episode of the Lego Masters

Who will kick it to the finals of the LEGO Masters? Andrew Arno, and there is certainly not one of them. On average, 779.752 viewers (live +3) and saw in the past week, what with the nice couple, and the match had to be abandoned. This was the last broadcast is good for 38,8% of the market share at the VVA 18-54, and up to 50,6% in the young target group of 18-44. On Saturday, the 23rd of may, the stakes are large in the semi-finals at 20.25. There are four pairs, 2 in Flanders and 2 in the Netherlands, is in the running. The heat is on. The competition is fierce. Everyone needs to have his A-game in this visually-impressive semi-final, in which time travel plays a central role in the two tasks, that have Been, and Corneel, David and Giovanni, charlie and Lola, and Jos, and martin come to a good end, it is needed.

How well did the participants ‘ attention during the classes? That is in addition to the methods of construction and the creativity of the students. He and Corneel: “We’ve already seen a couple of episodes, it is won, so that brings us, perhaps, to expectations, and a little extra pressure, but we’re going to have just as hard for today.”

The participants will need to have a teletijdtrein to build in the first command, and for that, they get a one-hour period of time. For some it is a bigger challenge than it is for others. Giovanni: “I have nothing to do with trains. All of the trains I’ve taken have come too late. I have never in my life was a train made of”.