Matteo Simoni: ‘Film that will be for next year’

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Matteo Simoni had been suffering for months with a tight diet plan to follow in order to be ready for the for the filming of the movie, the Antwerp lives, once Zillion. Matteo Simoni, ate only chicken, and blueberries. In the two months he was ten pounds down. The sun and the weerde he was out of his life. Everything has to be perfect in the role of Dennis Black Magic to get on. But then came the disappointment.

On Monday, the 16th of march, should the shooting start, but the Friday before was Matteo Simoni phone call from the director Robin Pront: “It’s not going to…”

If the images will be able to continue with the current coronacrisis, it is still not clear, says the actor is in The Morning. “The biggest problem is that the large-scale discotheekscènes, which is at the heart of the film are. It’s going to a disco, where thousands of people are halfnaakt against each other, rubbing… Something like that to run now would be unthinkable,” you recognize, Matteo Simoni.