Gene Thomas announced a concert in the city Theatre of Antwerp

b04ba3e4d26b82f1be1195499303d790 - Gene Thomas announced a concert in the city Theatre of Antwerp

A very successful passage from ‘For the Love of Music and the release of a new album, ‘Surrounded’: more Gene Thomas, do not need to have to commit to one of his major solo concerts ever. On Saturday, november 6th, 2021 is the one side, and surrounded by a band of musicians, for an evening concert at the city Theatre in Antwerp, belgium.

Gene Thomas-sometimes referred to as ‘the Flemish Bon Jovi’s’, if only for an instant 3 CDS, for a total of 47 songs !) in Flanders, it may be loose. With the ‘siege’ collects new songs, all the songs from ” For the Love of Music and an overview of the band’s individual solo release since the early days of his solo career. He had even been in the hand in 30 Ultratop hits, and it’s remarkably unobtrusive for nearly 25 years in the Belgian (and French !) music was present. Gene’s music production has been nearly forever (in the winter’s hit single, “Come a little Closer” is also from him), so it was time to make the best of it and to present it in a loud live concert.

In the slipstream of the release of today, this 3CD-album and on the tv show wanted to be is Beyond pleased to have this year a large-scale concert. Along with the organizer of PSE Belgium, however, he is on the safe side, and the timing of these works is adapted to the current situation, in november of 2021 will be in a C-crisis, for many, is reduced to a bad memory and it is a great place to party, and admire a man’s best work. Gene will be sas ‘ feel, with a tight backing band, and for this opportunity to specially arranged for production. He wants to be on the night, in addition to a experience make‘the customer experience’, you know what I mean), and the rest of the Theatre, using his art for the advertising poster for the concert, it is an excellent example of this) display. And for those who really have something special in their life, and can in addition be an upgrade purchase at a sound check for the concert is exclusive to them.