The last temptation in the ultimate dreamdate

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Today, the dreamdates is on the program, which is traditionally the grand finale of Temptation Island. Zach: “I’m a failure in this desire, and that is with only one person. I need that person to be happy for the good pictures and that’s Romee.’

This, ” it was My choice to be In the us. I was unaware up to her and pulled out, so I think that’s what my desire is.

The couples can spend 24 hours in their favourite way, and that is absolute luxury. The only thing they have to do is 1 go to prove that they are stronger than the temptation, but it turns out that not everyone is a starter. Each of the: “Deep inside of me says in a small voice, All to stay still together with him.’

Simone: “I want to toast to a better life after the Band.’

Temptation Island, and every Friday, in order to 20u35 FIVE