Singer Sylvie Kreusch has huidhonger

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The Antwerp-based singer Sylvie Kreusch, gives in to Nina’s, the weekend supplement of het laatste Nieuws, they huidhonger to. “Sometimes I feel like I am alone, and I miss the relationships from the past. I huidhonder, not necessarily for sex but just to have someone out would be good,” said the 29-year-old singer, who adds, however, is not knuffelaar-to-be. “It’s only now I realise how much of a kiss on the cheek it is,” said Sylvie Kreusch.

The financial start it would be difficult to be a singer. “I’m sure,” said Sylvie. The investment that they have made for her EP, she would have to pay, with the festivals, but all in all, it is on your computer. “In spite of all these worries, I don’t see me in self-pity, to wallow,” says Sylvie Kreusch.