Radio 2 takes the legendary televisiereeksen from the bottom of the fabric

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Radio 2 has a aanleidin (g) of the Top 60 of the 60’s, three of the legendary Flemish television series, where in the 60’s, massive look at, it was posted online. As of today, everyone can have a nostalgic look back to the sixties and enjoy the Defendants, I (1964 to 1980), the Johan and the Alverman (1965), and Magesien (1968 to 1972) on the VRT NOW. That last one is, in fact, for the first time, from the bottom of the dust removed. Magesien it was the first of the satirical television show on the Flemish television. The program funds were provided by Walter Capiau, Jan Van Rompaey, Fred Janssen, Johnny Voners, Now Safflower, and Jan Vanderstraeten. Radio 2, with the iconic program now, for the first time online.

Cathérine Vandoorne asked him to have The Ladies scrambling for a lawyer, and assisenpleiter Jef Vermassen on the impact of the Accused persons, stand up on his own career at the time.
Jef Vermassen: “There are a couple of elements in my life that make me the step to do to in the vicinity, and later to the legal profession. One of them was in the series, Accused, stand up. It was at that time called for by Mr. Guy, who is a lawyer to the bar association of Brussels and beautifully argued… He did that with all my heart and soul. There, you could see this glow of the case and the impact of the case, and that is what appeals to me, and yes, by the Accused, get out more, I made the decision to become a lawyer.”