Marathonradio of the CHARITY’s return

Marathonradio of the CHARITY's return

CHARITY Marathonradio is back!!!! Wednesday morning kicked off Peter Van de Veire is the beginning of the Marathonradio The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow. From the Monday the 8th to Friday the 26th of June, he teamed up with the CHARITY, the dj’s, Sander’s Forest, and Dorianne Aussems on a single piece of a non-stop radio show packed full of tips, entertainment and live performances for all the students in a cheer stabbing. Sorry, Sander, and Dorianne can be supported by the Marathonradio of the Rescue Teams who have to get out to the students in the whole of Flanders to the aid of the shoot. And all of that, with the approval of Marc Van Ranst:

Examinations and continuous assessments, attend school, or to just stay at home: CHARITY in Marathonradio for all of the students in the Flanders region, with tips and tricks for both the blocking students, as well as the students who are the coronacrisis be exempt from final exams. For a lot of young people to be able to after a few weeks of quarantine, however, is a compliment, or a listening ear, and CHARITY, wants them to do as much as possible to help them.
On Gulickx, nethoofd CHARITY: “Marathonradio is an anchor point for a study in Flanders and Brussels, belgium. This year is a little different, because not everyone has exams. However, we feel that young people are more than ever in need of a listening ear, and relaxation. Those last few weeks before the summer holidays can be be a challenge, whether you have exams or not. And Marathonradio you the perfect help and support.”

Marathonradio it continues to do this years ago (literally) in his room: there will be no broadcast from the Marathonradiohuis in Leuven, belgium, from the CHARITY, studio in Brussels, belgium. But that’s not to say that the CHARITY of the students from the studio will help. Just as was the case last year, the Marathonradio Rescue Teams will go out to students in all corners of Flanders, the mental and physical support with respect to the current coronamaatregelen). OBSERVERS: djs Laura, Govaerts, Anushka Melkonian, Kawtar Ehlalouch, S is The Line, when to w Synnave and Brahim Attaeb than the students in the whole of Flanders to the rescue, each one with its own specialization:
• Laura is a psychologist by training, and by Marathonradio the time to really get into the questions and concerns of the young people to listen to. Hot for William to offer a listening ear to those who need it.
• Kawtar, we know that you have exams, or have an intense studeerbeurt the need to have of some relaxation. The students who have to take the steam would blow off at her.
• Brahim draws as well as a modern troubadour, in Flanders, around, and all celebrated with messages from young people to be with loved ones, family and friends. He wants to be as Hot as William will also take the time to get to the young one to listen to.
• Wanne put it together with a Sport in Flanders, students have to be out of their dorm and are on a safe and secure way to learn how to move and exercise. Before he moves on to Flanders in with a special sports car, full of sportattributen in order to give the muscles loosen up.
• * * The fans of the gaming platform Twitch will know that S keen on playing computer games. When Marathonradio he moves in for the weekend to work with young people to find their favorite game to play. S take yourself to a vintage performance to work together to discover the city.
• Anushka is Marathonradio’s very own Yes-Woman. MNM listeners will be able to as a few questions: Anushka says everything is “yes”, whether it is the provision of a dozen or so cakes to the range of the studentenkot that’s just leegstaat.