#LikeMe is launching a new zomerlied

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Following on from the success of the zomerlied Flanders, my country by 2019 is #LikeMe back to the outside with a knot, the Flemish original size. For the summer, dress in put out with the cast of the popular Teen series, the song “Let me be a flower,” by Louis Neefs (1970), in a new and modern look. In addition to the fresh application by Wouter Vander Veken and Thomas Van Goethem is also a call for the all-star cast for the young people and their families. Caro, I, Yemi, Right, Kyona, Mary, and Scott are watching this issue very much forward to a better world, which only can be achieved if we all work together. And so on… #laatonseenbloem

Pommelien City (Caro at #LikeMe): “It’s a very, very, very fun and summery song and has become a relevant issue. It’s amazing how such an old song, to this day, as an actual text, you can have it.”

Francisco and Schuster (Yemi #LikeMe): “We have had to date number of Louis Neefs performed, so I’m glad we have him on the list of things to add. The song carries a great message, that today is more relevant than ever before. I think it is very important that in these difficult and troubled times, even a little bit of positivity at the the light coming through the music. Music connects people, and it is definitely music with a message that we are not alone, and that we will work through them.”

The #LikeMe version of ” Let me be a flower, is the last week to be included in corona-proof conditions, including a video clip. The images of the pictures, behind the scenes, here you can find the official visual of the contents. The video is on YouTube: The track is now available digitally and is also available on the