‘Celebrities are with this coronatijden be completely useless’

'Celebrities are with this coronatijden be completely useless'

The University of Antwerp analyses the coronaberichten of celebrities, and the comments on social media sites.

A lot of celebrities to share mass messages, and advice on the coronacrisis, and the corresponding measures. The frustration over this celebrityposts seem to be on social media, a phenomenon that is known as the celebrity bashing. Gaëlle Ouvrein (UAntwerpen) has launched a survey of these messages is to analyze audience reactions in the map.

Research has shown that celebrity bashing is a growing problem, particularly on social media. “The messages which celebrities are currently online, on the coronacrisis and quarantainemaatregelen does not always go down well,” says doctoranda Gaëlle Ouvrein. “Rumours are going round that the celebrities are in this coronatijden to be completely useless as they are. In addition, it is the experience of a moment in their beauty and splendour are not to be compared with what the average person finds itself in.”