Celebration of 25 years of “home away from Home’ is already three times postponed

Celebration of 25 years of "home away from Home' is already three times postponed

Fans of the “Home” itself for a while, sure, come in their favourite soap-after the summer or not? Due to the strict rules of social distancing in Leuven is not a normal way to be absorbed. A couple of weeks ago, there were proefopnames place to consider “Home” may be included, subject to the necessary distance. No hugs, no kisses, no people, on the hands, it is not possible.

In Jones a Late-Night,’ said Leah Thys Monday, everyone at Home is satisfied that it is workable. “I was not with the images provided. You can have a lot of the scenes have a little bit of a different view. The cushion can be at this moment not yet, but I do think, however, that the viewers will understand as soon as you broadcast it on tv to begin. As to when that will be, I don’t know yet. I can’t for the atmosphere, it is the intimacy, reserve, and using a telephoto lens to make any people can easily get closer to each other. And even then, I get the feeling that they are close to each other, as they do in the remote location.”

The creators of “Home” and were very happy with that proefopnames, but whether or not it is effective, quickly absorbed, and it will be, that is the big question. “After all, they have a tough analysis to make, and which is, of course, have to be approved. And the VRT top of their fiat, but in the meantime, we can all be very hard to make it work. The authors of the stories in the rewrite, in certain cases, to break it up.”