At home, launches a radio series on Radio 2

At home, launches a radio series on Radio 2

For all the Home fans to their favourite a daily fiction series will not want to miss out on until the end of the summer, at Home he has good news: starting from Monday the 25th of may, everyone in the audio fiction series that I, Claire, take The Ladies to a Radio 2 That is, it announced that the actress Kadèr Gürbüz, around whose character, Claire, is Why the series is running, just put yourself in the Cathérine Vandoorne was on the radio. This means that the viewers are no homeless to be left in, but they will also be introduced to the world of the Home.

Karin is Why: in English, flick-lover, ex-Tom, mother-of-Kobe, – and, according to many, this is the largest shrew of the Home. Even though Carol is not a good impression left at the end of the 25th season of the Home, there are a lot of people that her meeleefden. The tv viewers did Karins face of adversity, so it could be the Home team to distract from the many positive comments on social media sites.

In this understanding, and empathy from the viewers, we wanted to delve deeper,” says Home-directed, Stef Wouters. “We have to give in to this audio-fiction series with a unique look into the soul of a strong woman, then why is Claire, who is she? That’s what we do in the modern podcast, in which we are, in the main role of the characters, and the veil of the Karins life.”
The Home team looked in to the genre of audio fiction, and is the best way to do that is to create, and viewer, to have a listener that touched and emotional by the story of Claire and its surrounding area.

In addition to Kadèr Gürbüz works, Ben Van Ostade (Steven’s Home), the Sid Of the Time (Kobe) and Tina Maerevoet (Every) of the new audio fiction series. The recordings take place in the heart of Studio Toots VRT.