Tess Goossens releases new single

d3002706bc0646ee2742136e08e40456 - Tess Goossens releases new single

Tv presenter and singer, Tess Goossens, is launching her new single ‘Pour aller où?”, and that we didn’t see it coming at all. It is now more than 10 years ago, and that She us still are surprised with a new phone number. After ‘Hold On’ and ‘The Wild Side’, was still on her music career, but she continued to be very active as a presenter at the screen, as a DJ and in the studio, and as a mother in the home. The musical passion throughout the years, however, it never died down, and now she has finally found her great love for French music is transformed into a new musical adventure. For years, she finds it a shame that some beautiful French songs, never cross the sea to Flanders, belgium.

Pour aller où’? it is also her first job to be here and hope to see some changes in it. It’s a dynamic, powerful, and light, melancholy and a single that you will immediately make sense to do in the warm summer evenings.