Telefacts (based on travel time from the corona

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In the summer, for the majority of the Flemish people is not the same. A lot of tours will probably not be able to continue, but if you have to travel, you will ask yourself the question, how safe it will be. In a special feature that makes Telefacts tomorrow, Tuesday, may 19, at 21.35, and the balance sheet. There would have been travel? What is there to change? So what does this mean financially for the industry and for the consumer. And what are the alternatives for a safe holiday in your own country?

Together with the virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst, and Robert Also editor – in-chief of Travel Magazine in – reply Telefacts any questions about the trips this summer, and in the future. “There will be a second 9/11 attack on the us. Traveling will never be the same again, but we will all have to adjust to a new reality,” says Willaert. “The mass is ended. “We are going to start a new, elite tourism, with all-in-all, hotels will have to change.”