Selena Ali: “if Necessary, I will fly her back to Peru”

Selena Ali: "if Necessary, I will fly her back to Peru"

Former Miss Belgium finalist Selena Ali, the wrath of a lot of people in the neck is removed. The 23-year-old, from Antwerp, brought in a while ago in a courtyard or alley cat home with him. When the Federal Food and drug administration has there and the air on got to, got to Selena are told that it is her cat and had to euthanize. The reason for this? The cat may be a carrier and spreader of rabies might have been. But the animal lover Selena, Ali did not consent, and opposed the decision of the belgian food safety agency. Followed with a court case for an injunction. The matter came up last Friday. There was a daily penalty payment of € 5,000 per hour, at the top of her head, however, the court did not go into the demands of the PRODUCTION.
Because of Selena’s afraid of the belgian food safety agency, meanwhile, my cat would be able to find it, it is a hiding place for a cat, Lee is sought after and found. There is Lee, the district court judgment in this case.

Selena Ali talks on Monday with The News that there will be no danger. According to her, Lee is the animal in good health. “As long as that’s the case, I fight for the life of an animal that is unable to defend himself. And no one should be afraid of is that Lee was a danger to the public, because he’s safe in the quarantine, and it is in Belgium, not in other animals or humans come in contact. To him now dead, it would mean that his death should be no reason at all. And I’ll never be able to live with it”, responds to Selena and Ali are in The News.
The former Miss Belgium finalist isn’t going to simply win to give them. They are going to go to the extreme to make Lee’s life of love and has already received verbal support from the Flemish minister for animal welfare Ben Weyts, and more than 45,000 people who signed a petition to make Lee’s life, meanwhile, was signed.