Klopp: ‘it Would be unfair, as it’s the season to be invalid’

4c4744c131c65e8f0be2426cedbb64e9 - Klopp: 'it Would be unfair, as it's the season to be invalid'

Klopp: ‘it Would be unfair, as it’s the season to be invalid’

18 may-2020 19:44
18-05-20 at 19:44
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Jürgen Klopp has wondered about the people who want to be the Premier League will immediately be terminated, and the season is determined to be invalid. As the manager of Liverpool, and believes his team to the national championship deserves to be.

“There are people out there who say that there’s a spanner in the works for the season and will need to be taken. I thought to myself, huh? We have 76 per cent and played in the league, just delete it? I’d personally be dishonest to find it,” said Klopp, according to the Liverpool Echo, the academy of the German football association.

The Premier League is already in march at a standstill because of the coronacrisis, but in England, hoping to get the league back next month to continue. This would be good news for Liverpool is that, with a lead of 25 points at the top, and the title really can’t be missed.