Jacky Lafon: “I think that it is really about

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Jacky Lafon has it in her heart to be lost to our shores. “I was able to have my main drain and I have come all the way to the rest,” said the former Family, an actress. A trip to the sea, it is not possible. And there is talk of a strandpas if it is, it’s Jacky Lafon, a bridge too far.

“I think that’s really about it,” says Jacky Lafon in the Story. “The same thing as if you have a protective mask, it would have to wear it to the beach. I would be very sorry to see.” Jacky Lafon is hoping that the kustburgemeesters find a better solution. “But to leave the people, please, to the sea. Allow them to breathe again, and the energy to get it. The sea makes us happier than to speak to Jacky Lafon plain language.