It has the corona virus, Chateau Meiland used for?

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The panic in the castle, it is the rule rather than the exception, but this time, there really is something to worry about. one of the guests may have same name. Now it is in quarantine, is not hard, it’s living in the castle is, after all, pretty isolated. But how do you get medical help? How can you protect yourself from infection? Happily stuntelt of the family due to the problems around them. Once you are in a private community with the Courage to survive, is not afraid of death. And with a glass of wine is also nice).

Dutch’s daughter, Claire, is going to be in What True for the first time at a new daycare, but she can speak and understand hardly any French, so the Dutch, holding her breath.

Maxime: “I had a good feeling, but I have a very bad feeling looking at the outside, to be honest.”

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