Patrick, First Dates are out of work

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Patrick, we’ve all been there, as the host, from First Dates to just one. He, too, will be affected by the coronacrisis. “The business environment is a tough one, and I can only hope that, in the brasserie for a quick restart and the doors will open up,” reveal Patrick’s Story. However, Patrick is also the advantages of the coronacrisis.

“At the family level, we see advantages in the application. We as a family are stronger than ever, but it was definitely getting used to it and adapt.” The current situation in the professional area and is known to relieve stress. And he realizes that it is not only in the hospitality industry is heavily affected. “There are still some sectors in which there was to be,” acknowledges Patrick’s, but all the time.

Patrick’s hope is that this crisis is going to be a change in mentality allows, for example, the organisation of the work. “And how are we going to our social life and the will to address, and our free time to complete this questionnaire? A lot of questions for the future,” says Patrick, in a Story.