Luc Steeno: “it’s a disaster’

Luc Steeno: "it's a disaster'

Just about everyone has the coronamaatregelen fed up, each of us yearns for the “normal” life, as we have it before the middle of march, just had. Luc Steeno has not otherwise, as his agenda was for the past few weeks, a different meaning than in, say, two months ago.
“I have been doing a lot of things in the home. I’ve always loved cooking, but I cook more now than in the past. In the past few months, I required to make to the house to clean up and dispose of the chemicals and stuff,” he said of the singer’s Sunday morning show on Radio 2. Also, the grass is down and the state was now to be in the range of the singer. “I have to say that I have over the past weeks and months, and yet another to live it.”

Also, on a musical level, there’s something else that has changed. No tv appearances, and regular performances in the open-air halls and tents, and will be in the next few weeks, or even months to have an influence on the everyday life of the Flemish artist. “We have to have all of the cancellations until the end of september, I think. The big events, I mean events from 500 to 800 people, and people are afraid of. Or do they get the permission of the mayor, as it is often the mayor who must decide whether or not something is in a safe condition that can continue or not. These people are really afraid, and I can understand that as well. The Sponsors will stay away, it’s a disaster.”