Lisa, There are going to divorce

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Some bad news about Lisa There. The lead singer from the Staden and her husband, Thomas, to move apart from each other. “We have to end our relationship! We’re going to be in peace and friendship together,” Thomas wrote Sunday morning on Facebook.

Lisa and Thomas were married on July 7, 2017, is less than three years later, their relationship is on and off. “We have to give each other’s happiness and future, and will continue to be very good friends. I have no regrets for what has happened. It was 15 wonderful years,however, the flame was sadly extinguished”, is in Thomas further.

Lisa and Thomas have worked together, a daughter, and she has a great future. “We hope to have the respect of everybody, then we can both start a new life. Thank you for everything, and hopefully it will change the love that I had a higher friendship,” concludes Thomas.