Companies a scapegoat after the action at the cat and Lee to the rescue

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Friday it appeared on the social media, it is a film that, among other Aircraft, Of Brussels, belgium, and Joyce De Troch, Koen Crucke, David, Michel, Van Brown, and Natalia a call, did so at least Lee’s life. On Friday, we received the summary of the PRODUCTION at Mt Ali in the court of law. The PRODUCTION wants to be a girl from Peru. let you go to sleep, because the animal is likely to have been contaminated with hondsdoelheid. Selena Ali, took the little creature from Finland. To get Selena’s support, several well-known Flemish people, a film that seems to be them acid to break down. Koen Crucke know all of you on Twitter will get along with the rest of the companies to the full blast.

“All of that is here in this video to avoid to have to think, I only have two brain cells. If the animal is infected, we have the next pandemic. The law is the law, and if you have a little more understanding would have been that the cat remained where she was,” wrote Eddy in The Budget. Johnny Verhaeghe thinks it is his: “Degoutant! It’s all about the emotion, but you can also make use of a few of your brain cells! We are in the midst of a pandemic, we will have the health to re-enter the game is set for 1 kitten? Too ridiculous for words, ‘ blessed are the simpelen of the spirit.”