Ruth Beeckmans, looking forward to Monday

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Ruth Beeckmans, is happy that her seven-year-old daughter, Charlie-Sue and back to school. The little girl is in first grade, and Ruth admits that this subject matter is that you, as a parent, all it is very easy to explain, but it is a harsh mistress, Ruth Beeckmans is not really her daughter. “If they don’t want to, “I say quickly,” Okay, do something else, and then we will be setting up this drill is finished!’”

Ruth Beeckmans, and reveals in the Story that she is happy that Charlie is-Sue back to school. I will have a part-time it. Charlie-can t miss her with her friends, and the girl who is crying on the structure of the school. Concerned about the safety and security makes to Ruth Beeckmans, not really, “I’m going to, in the opinion of Marc Van Ranst. I don’t trust him,” says Ruth Beeckmans in the Story.