James Cooke:”I’m paranoid”

James Cooke:"I'm paranoid"

Friday night was James Cooke, a guest at the ‘Karentaine’, the tuinshow of Karen Damen. James told me to, mistress Karen is Being “that Girl’s Late-Night’ to him, and Gert Verhulst is a welcome job.
In the meantime, the first 6 of the 8 weeks of George’s Late-Night behind-the-back. The main difference with the previous years, it is quite large.

James Cooke: “We are not allowed to slaapgasten, that Girl, and I’m not on the boat to sleep. It’s a real day: in the morning we will go to Evanna, and in the evening we are going to just go back to the house. We have on the boat is fun, but it’s always on the honor of the one and a half metres away, or take the necessary handgellen. It’s a bit strange, it was difficult for all six of the season on the boat and love living on the boat, and now it’s not that bad. We must, however, be satisfied that we have found a way to ‘Girl-Late last Night on a safe and secure way to coronaproof be taken into account”.