BNL working with Romeo, Chris Van Tongelen

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BNL, brand new radio channel and music platform, for Flanders, and picks up again with a great name comes from the Flemish music-Chris Van Tongelen. As of Sunday, the 17th of may, he will present the Flemish-10 from 13 to 15 pm. Chris joins a long list of other artists BNL: Amaryllis Temmerman Willy Sommers Wim Leys, David Vandyck, Lennaert Maes, Lissa, Lewis, DJ F. R. A. N. K…

Chris Van Tongelen, he began his career as a musicalman from the royal Ballet of Flanders, of which, as Frederic Trumper in the Abbamusical all-seeing eye. From there it went to Germany), Gaudi and Gambler, 2 musical by Eric Woolfson (founder of the Alan Parsons Project). But in Flanders, it would be Chris’ star is even more the rise: snow white, Cinderella, West Side Story, Romeo & Juliet, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dracula, Grease… And the Netherlands followed by the musical, Grease. But, Chris would not only be acting and tenorstem the surface but muziekspektakels, and musical production.

In the meantime, was shining and he is also on the small screen, as Bart Van den Bossche-in of the VTM-soap Familie. Van Tongelen, it is last but not least, a fine songwriter, too, as the spiritual father of the hitmachine, The Romeo’s. Romeo will get on Sunday is a new challenge, and found out that the Flemish-10. The perfect show to get the experience of the Flemish music of the game. The 10 most popular songs of the time-to-run-as well as his library with new talent, to improve the situation. Chris is not only a presenter, but it is also a member of the muziekredactie.

The enthusiasm is great, ” and Of the start-up of the BNL was a unique format to me. A good schlager Willy Sommers follows is a classic example of The Pebbles, and then surprise you with a dansschijf from the Region’s toverhoed. BNL makes no distinction between young or old, we can divide music into sections. Where the radio is often in the 1 group is created, we can see it from a wider perspective: if you love the music of in the us, you’re really good. When we are with Romeo’s performance, I see a lot of artists that can sing or have a song that will bring the people of different tastes. It makes me happy to hear what’s going on in the region. And to push it in an artistic break-through.’