Affect her: “My daughter’s a silly photo has been

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Last week it became known that the son-in-law of Goedele Liekens, an illegal party in Sint-Truiden, belgium was attended. Liekens was angry not only because of its name, it immediately appeared in the press, but also because of her son-in-law, the measures for the Covid-19-the virus had not been complied with. And what happens now? Also a daughter, Carol would be at the party we had that day.

According to The Latest News and researches of the police, a photo of which shows that Amanda at the party was good. The daughter of one of Liekens would be with a nurse, a wardrobe and hid. It was on social media a picture is posted, and that photo will be the result of a review. “If they’re in that barbecue it was, it is stupid good. As her friend, responded to affect her the original. In the meantime, confirmed that affect her that her daughter was effectively the end of your party is present. “It was not only my son-in-law, and my daughter was present. I will have to have a serious conversation with them. They will recognize their mistake and apologize. The rest is private,” said mum Liekens is in The News.