Night watch, is back,

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After a high-profile episode in mid-march, the impact of the coronacrisis disappeared for a Watch by the crisis are of a temporary antenna has been installed. Two months later, on Saturday, may 16, will Jan Leyers in the season to work with. He starts off with a delivery on … in the world, after the coronacrisis.
The coronacrisis to the climate rescue, ” says Dirk Holemans. The way we live and do business not only with the outbreak of the virus involved, as well as the warming of the earth. Conversely, the solidarity, the creativity, the emphasis is on local produce, and a different life style that we have in the virus will react, which is exactly what the fight against the klimaatverstoring is required.

However, according to Ivan Van de Cloot, the economic consequences of the crisis of climate action, just more difficult.

In the third person, behavioral psychologist, Tom De Bruyne, believes that the fight against climate change is not really padded, it will be a worldwide shock. The question is whether or not the coronacrisis that will shock you, it is.

In need of a social-ecological pact
Guest, Dirk Holemans, of the think-tank Oikos. According to him, the coronacrisis can help to save the climate to save it. On the one hand, our way of life and business, not only for the outbreak of the virus involved, as well as the warming of the earth. All the traveling, all the stuff made in China, the consumer economy and we don’t do it without that stuff in from China and elsewhere, all of that makes for an immense CO2 emissions, as well as for the rapid spread of the virus. In the meat trade and deforestation are bad for the climate, as well as giving the new virus a chance to spread. So, We have two overriding reasons for a different approach to waste, and that we need to be a social way to: Holemans, would be a “socio-ecological pact” and close with each other.