Lesley-Ann Poppe: a 65% reduction in turnover

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Well, Lesley-Ann Poppe, which saw its sales plummet due to the coronacrisis. The woman had to be her of Beauty And the Medical Academy to be shut down and the crisis began, and just as there are two exhibitions were planned, in which much they had invested in extra stock for a new approach. “That will be sold to the touch, but it was only at a later stage. We had really counted on those revenues, for the summer anyway, be calm,” reveals Lesley-Ann Poppe in the Story. “I’m happy we have a healthy business, and we have enough of a buffer,” says the businesswoman, who adds that they have, to date, no humans have had to lay off or to ask you to pay to provide it. Own times, Lesley-Ann Poppe and her husband, Kevin, Lebreton on their own, so less work. “That’s okay, we’ll give you less money,” said Lesley-Ann is in the Story. “Normally, we like to be, and often are at a restaurant, but now you can’t do it.”