A major challenge in the Lego Masters

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The LEGO MASTERS and, having scored last week, another firm, not only to 787.000 in viewers (INVOLVES a live + # 4), but also with a market share of up to 46,3 % of the target audience to VVA 18-44. In the meantime, a further five students were in the running for the title of LEGO-MASTERS by the year 2020. Among them three Flemish couples: friends, David and Giovanni, the couple, Andrew Arno, and the long-afstandsvrienden He and Corneel. The latter will be on Saturday, may 16, by the presenter, Kürt Rogiers, is being challenged in one of the two tasks, that is, the sixth episode is presented.

He and Corneel start a new job with a serious advantage, since they are the last week winner-the brickmaster to select several objects that are the masters of miniature have to build it in less than 10 minutes. He and Corneel are allowed to choose whatever subject matter they have to go to work and the other to assign them to the other students. They can choose to pursue a polaroid camera. For the second task, the participants are given 10 hours for the first time, this time, a big version of the devices to be made. On the outside it’s a realistic version, as in the case of cross-section of it. Kürt Rogiers, challenges He, and Corneel, that is a picture of the htc device is running out: why don’t Brickmaster the Bass in that photo?

“Genius”, but I’m not that good at it adorable” smile Bilzenaar Late. “Not an obvious challenge, because I need Bass from a variety of sources to study, without that he notices it and it is comfortable it is”. Challenge accepted. If it’s still not enough.